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[mhc:02078] Re: iCalendar -> MHC?

> Umm, actually I had commited the fix almost one year ago, but I
> confirmed that gemcal.in in the snap archive was old.  I don't know
> why, and I'm also waiting Nomura-san to return from his trip.

I realized... 

Once upon a time, our cvs server machine ran out the lithium
battery which backups the system clock.
So, we had experienced ``future'' for a while.

Kasahara san, your commit seems to be occurred in year 2024 :-)

> --- gemcal.in   5 Aug 2000 19:51:58 -0000       1.3
> +++ gemcal.in   20 Feb 2024 01:42:57 -0000      1.4
> @@ -253,8 +253,8 @@

I make a monthly snap by hitting
   cvs export -D tomorrow ...

So, your commit is not included ... :-)
Please re-commit to fix the date if you don't mind.