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[mhc:02287] toggle todos

[ I hope it is OK to write to this list in English. My Nihongo pretty
much starts and stops at sumimasen and o-kudasai. ]

I just started to use mhc, and I like it very much so far.

Here is a simple addition to allow toggling todo's with "ctrl-C . @".

(define-key mhc-prefix-map "@" 'mhc-todo-toggle-done)
(defun mhc-todo-toggle-done ()
  "Toggle between done and not for todo"
  (mhc-modify-file (mhc-summary-filename))
  (message ""))

(defun mhc-draft-toggle-done ()
  "Set current draft as DONE if not; remove done if there."
  (if  (mhc-draft-in-category-p "todo")
      (if (mhc-draft-in-category-p "done")
	  (mhc-draft-delete-category "done")
	(mhc-draft-append-category "Done"))))