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[mhc:01387] mhc-current-snap20010625.tar.gz

snap を作りました.



# そろそろ次リリースを出せというお叱りをいただいてるので,ちょっ
# と頑張ることにします.

2001-06-25  Yoshinari Nomura  <nom@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	* emacs/mhc-guess.el: clever mhc-guess-time-regexp.

2001-06-20  Yuuichi Teranishi  <teranisi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	* emacs/mhc-wl.el (mhc-wl-highlight-message): Follow the changes
	in Wanderlust 2.6.x and 2.7.x.
	(mhc-wl-insert-summary-contents): Ditto.
	(mhc-wl-summary-mode-setup): Ditto.
	(mhc-wl-summary-next-message): New function.

2001-06-15  Hideyuki SHIRAI  <shirai@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	* samples/DOT.schedule.sample.jp: Fix 'UMI-NO-HI', 'KEIROU-NO-HI'
	and 'FURIKAE-KYUJITSU' to be accompanied by 'Happy Monday low'.

2001-05-30  Hideyuki SHIRAI  <shirai@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	* emacs/mhc-mew.el (mhc-mew-draft-reedit-file): Fix 'raw JIS' vs

2001-05-28  Hideyuki SHIRAI  <shirai@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	* emacs/mhc.el (mhc-rescan-month): Move to column '1',
	first. Because current-column() returns a wrong value if point at
	the invisibly text on line-top.

2001-05-22  Yoshinari Nomura  <nom@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	* ruby-ext/lib/mhc-schedule.rb (File#utime2):
	update mtime surely in case FreeBSD.