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[mhc:01725] Fw: MHC & Gnus Oort v0.08

乃村です.Gnus 方面の方,何か情報ありませんでしょうか.
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I was amazed to discover your program, it's my last chance to treat
all appointments I receive by email ! Thanks for this great works !
Unfortunately, I can't use it for my latest gnus oort version, and I
don't want to switch to another gnus variant, is there a hope for me
to use one day your program ?
Thanks at all !

Samir SAIDANI				
PhD in CS / Doctorant en informatique 		web : http://www.info.unicaen.fr/~saidani
Universite de Caen - Laboratoire GREYC          tel : 02-31-56-74-30
Equipe MAD - Campus II - 14032 Caen Cedex       fax : 02-31-56-76-30

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