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[mhc:02066] Re: [snap20050320] Many Icons are Left Unused

>     Business, Birthday, Anniversary, Date, Other, Party, or Vacation.
> It looks as if this is a bug that can be fixed by editing mhc-summary.el
> accordingly.

From my .emacs:

  (setq mhc-xmas-icon-alist
    '(("Holiday"     . "Holiday.xpm")
      ("Work"        . "Business.xpm")
      ("Private"     . "Private.xpm")
      ("Anniversary" . "Anniversary.xpm")
      ("Birthday"    . "Birthday.xpm")
      ("Other"       . "Other.xpm")
      ("Todo"        . "CheckBox.xpm")
      ("Done"       . "CheckedBox.xpm")))

Maybe, that will work for you.

Sorry, I have a train to catch...