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[mhc:02063] Re: Getting alarmed using Cron

  Message-Id: <87mzswyk5c.wl%felix.klee@xxxxxxx>
  Date:       Mon, 21 Mar 2005 18:38:07 +0100
  From:       "Felix E. Klee" <felix.klee@xxxxxxx>
  Subject:    [mhc:02061] Getting alarmed using Cron

  | I'd like to be notified about upcoming events that I set in the MHC
  | calendara and for which I turned on alarm.  This could most likely be
  | realized by a cron job that checks the schedule from time to time and
  | fires up an xmessage window for purposes of notification.  But I'm open
  | to any solution: Usage of cron is not a requirement.
  | How could I realize such a setup?  What procedure are you using to get
  | notified about events?
  | -- 
  | Felix E. Klee

I'm using a Palm machine.

KOIE Hidetaka <hide@xxxxxxxx>