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[mhc:02064] Re: [snap20050320] Many Icons are Left Unused

  Message-Id: <87k6o0y7vw.wl%felix.klee@xxxxxxx>
  Date:       Mon, 21 Mar 2005 23:02:59 +0100
  From:       "Felix E. Klee" <felix.klee@xxxxxxx>
  Subject:    [mhc:02062] [snap20050320] Many Icons are Left Unused

  | In the MHC's icons directory I found - among others - the following
  | icons:
  |     Anniversary.xpm, Birthday.xpm, Business.xpm, Conflict.xpm, Date.xpm,
  |     Holiday.xpm, Link.xpm, Other.xpm, Party.xpm, Private.xpm,
  |     Vacation.xpm
  | However, when I trying out the corresponding values for X-SC-Category, I
  | found that only for
  |     Holiday, Conflict, Link, and Private
  | an icon is displayed in the calendar summary, but not for
  |     Business, Birthday, Anniversary, Date, Other, Party, or Vacation.
  | It looks as if this is a bug that can be fixed by editing mhc-summary.el
  | accordingly.

Example for using Birthday icon:

    X-SC-Subject: My Birthday
    X-SC-Category: Birthday Private
    X-SC-Duration: 20050101-
    X-SC-Cond: 1 Jan

  | -- 
  | Felix E. Klee

KOIE Hidetaka <hide@xxxxxxxx>